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Hamamelis virginiana

  • History

    "Witch hazel" was given its name by early European settlers because of its resemblance to the European hazel and also because native American witch doctors attributed it with having therapeutic and magical benefits. American Indians used mainly the leaves for their decongesting and healing properties. The Latin name for witch hazel is "hamamelis", which comes from the Greek words "hama" (together with) and "melon" (fruit) - referring to the fact that the shrub can bear flowers and fruits at the same time.

  • Location

    Hamamelis leaves used in flower water come from France

  • Melvita's Commitment

    Witch hazel floral water is well-known for its soothing, astringent qualities, which make it particularly suitable as a cleansing lotion for very sensitive skin. Witch hazel is used in cleansing toners to purify and tone the skin and restore radiance to the complexion.