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Narcissus tazetta

  • History

    One of the origins of the name "Narcissus" can be found in Greek mythology. A spell cast on a young man named Narcissus caused him to fall in love with his own image. When he died, he was turned into a flower that is renowned for its graceful beauty. Narcissus tazetta is native to Israel and is also known by the name of "bunchflower daffodil."

  • Location

    Narcissus Tazetta bulbs used in extract come from Israel

  • Melvita's Commitment

    In vitro tests have shown that Narcissus tazetta extract helps to limit the development of melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin). Along with four other active ingredients derived from plants with white flowers, it forms a complex with brightening properties to boost radiance, reveal a more even-toned complexion, and enhance skin's beauty and luminosity.