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Pancratium maritimum

  • History

    The white sea lily is native to the area around the Aegean sea. It likes to grow in the sand of dunes along the coast. This explains why it is also known as sea daffodil and sand lily. The shape of its large, delicate, radiant-white, short-lived flowers explains why some people call this plant "star lily."

  • Location

    Aerial parts Star lily used in extract come from Brittany (France)

  • Melvita's Commitment

    The lily extract helps to regulate the production of natural pigment (melanin) and to limit its transfer to the surface of the skin. It contributes to significantly reducing the size and intensity of dark spots. Along with four other active ingredients derived from plants with white flowers, it forms a complex with brightening properties to boost radiance and make skin more beautiful, more lighter and luminous.