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Corylus avellana

  • History

    Corylus avellana is also known by the names of common hazel, cobnut and aveleira. The Latin name « Corylus » (hazel tree) comes from the Greek word « korus », meaning helmet, which refers to the hazelnut shell. « Avellana » refers to the town of Abella, located in a mountainous region of Italy, where hazel trees are abundant.

  • Location

    Peeled hazelnuts used in vegetable oil come from Italia, Spanish and Sicily Hazelnut shells used in extract come from France

  • Melvita's Commitment

    Hazelnut oil has a dry feel and leaves skin soft and comfortable. Hazelnut oil has emollient properties and helps hold in moisture. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Hazelnut powder is a natural exfoliator. It is used in exfoliating bodycare products.