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Prunus armeniaca

  • History

    The apricot tree has been cultivated for around 4,000 years in China. It was then introduced into Asia Minor and finally appeared in France in the 15th century. Named the "orange gold", it has been used for ages to make a protective oil.

  • Location

    Apricot kernels used in vegetable oil come from Turkey. Those used in butter come from Mediterranean basin. Apricots used in extract come from Provence

  • Melvita's Commitment

    Apricot kernel oil is ideal for caring for the face, body and hair. It strengthens the hydrolipidic film and thus helps maintain skin elasticity and hydration. It has nourishing properties, gives a satiny finish, and restores vitality and radiance to dry hair and devitalized skin. Apricot butter has the characteristics of a soft butter, with a delicate texture and a very pleasant, sensorial feel. It helps to improve the condition of the skin. Apricot extract, which is used in the bath products, is appreciated for the fruity softness it gives to the skin and hair.