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Castanea sativa

  • History

    The sweet chestnut tree is able to live for several hundred years and only starts to bear fruit once it has reached the age of 20. In parts of France, it is called "arbre à vie" (life tree)" as the fruit was a staple food for the farmers in France.

  • Location

    Chesnut tree leaves used in extract come from France. Chestnut seeds used in extract come from France (Limousin, Ardèche)

  • Melvita's Commitment

    The sweet chestnut leaf extract has moisturizing, remineralizing and invigorating properties. It provides vitamins for very dry and delicate skin, restoring comfort and suppleness. The sweet chestnut leaf extract is also used for its astringent properties in products to improve skin firmness. The softening properties of chestnut seed extract make it an excellent ingredient for a pleasant moment of relaxation in the bath or shower.