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Eco-friendly packaging

Our eco-packaging design department ensures that our product packaging both protects the formula and respects the environment.

At Melvita, we always want to do our best for the environment, and when it comes to our packaging, we comply with Ecocert requirements. That's why we have made a responsible choice to limit the amount of materials used and give priority to those that are environmentally ethical.

We use recyclable materials whenever possible:  
Glass, aluminum, PE, PET and PP plastics, as well as card and paper. Moreover, all our card comes from sustainably managed forests.

We are working to increase the share of recycled materials in our packaging; for example:
Our Floral Water and Extraordinary Water bottles are made from 100% recycled PET. This applies to our 50ml and 30ml formats.
We use 30% recycled PET in our tubes whenever this is possible without compromising aesthetics.
Our Micellar Water bottle is made with 25% recycled PET, in order to maintain the "pure" appearance of the clear bottle. This bottle can also be recycled.
We include recycled glass when we make the bottles for our L’Or Bio, beauty oils, L'Or Rose, etc.

We keep packaging weight down by offering products in large sizes
This applies to some of our shampoos, floral waters and Micellar Water.  

We establish good practices
We constantly aim to keep reducing waste while giving priority to recyclable materials.
We encourage our customers to recycle.

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