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100% Organic Argan Oil, RM136

Organic Argan Oil

  • 100% pure Argan Oil
  • Certified organic by ECO Cert & Cosmetique Bio
  • Rich in Omega 9, 6 and sterols
  • Extracted by first cold pressing
  • Regenerate, protective and anti-ageing properties

Argan Oil 50ml, RM136

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1 litre = 30kg = 2 days

1 liters = 30 KGs = 2 Days

1 litre of Melvita’s Organic Argan Oil consists of 10 kilogrammes of Argan almonds, with two days of hand-made production effort.

Melvita’s Organic Argan Oil uses only the natural dried kernel, and its first cold pressing only takes the first extraction of the oil, to ensure that every drop is the top in quality, and contains the most abundant active ingredients.

In every single drop…

In every single drop…

Throughout the centuries, Argan Oil has been well-known for its remarkable repairing effect on dry and damaged skin. It also possesses the ability to protect skin while maintaining its youthful glow. Each drop of Argan Oil contains an incredible amount of fatty acids and plant sterols!

Benefits of Argan Oil

  • High Omega 6 (linoleic acid) ~30%

    Keeps the core skin cell hydrated & strengthens sebum barrier to improve its anti-stress ability

  • Super rich Omega 9 ~45%

    Enhances sebum film, helps skin stay soft and elastic

  • Rich & abundant plant sterols

    Improves skin circulation and reduce inflammation. Stimulates the cell membrane to provide anti-ageing results

Argan Oil usage tips that you would want to try out

  • As a daily face treatment

    As a daily face treatment

    After cleansing and applying Serum-Lotion(toning step), warm 1-2 drops of Argan Oil on your palm and massage onto damp skin. Spray with Floral Water and complete with serum and/or moisturizer.

  • As a face pack

    As a face pack

    After cleansing, apply a layer of Argan oil onto skin under any mask as a double mask face pack. Apply once a week for an intensive nourishment face pack.

  • As a body oil

    As a body oil

    Add a pump of Argan Oil onto your body moisturiser or body lotion. You may also apply Argan Oil directly on very dry spots.

  • As a hair mask

    As a hair mask

    Apply a layer of Argan Oil onto your hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and cover with a tower or treatment cap before shampooing.

  • As a hair treatment

    As a hair treatment

    Apply a small amount onto the ends of your hair for protection before drying with dryer.

  • As a hand & foot pack

    As a hand & foot pack

    Treat your hand with a layer Argan Oil and put on a glove and/or socks before you go to bed for deep moisturisation.

Our Beauty Oil Range

Our Beauty Oil Range

Melvita beauty oils are obtained from the first cold pressing of selected seed fruits or roots. And contain the active nutrients specific to each plant. With no artificial colorants or fragrances, they can be applied alone or used with daily skin care products and are suitable for face, body and hair.

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