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Organic certified cosmetics

Ecocert and Cosmébio:
Certified ecological and organic cosmetics


The Ecological and Organic Charter which acts as a standard for the profession, was drawn up by the interprofessional association Cosmébio and was filed with the Ministry for Industry in April 2003 by Ecocert. The latter, an independent Stateapproved certifying body, helped draw it up and has guaranteed it since its application.

This very exacting standard excludes, in particular, products of petrochemical origin such as paraffin or silicone, ethoxylated or glycolated products (PEG, etc.) and the majority of synthetic preservatives including formaldehyde generators, parabens and phenoxyethanol.

In addition to a list of ingredients to be avoided, which automatically eliminates several controversial ingredients, each raw material used undergoes very exacting analysis by the certifying body before approval of its constituents, traceability, production, transformation and preservation method, which must comply with the standard’s ecological requirements.

The certification also applies to packagings that must be recyclable, the production site environment, waste management, manufacturing or sterilisation methods (irradiation is banned) and cleaning methods or all packaging equipment maintenance (no chlorinated derivatives).


Since 1983, Melvita has been operating from its unspoilt site in the heart of the Ardèche (France) to produce natural, high-quality care products that meet the criteria of the Ecocert Ecological and Organic Cosmetics frame of reference.

The organic beauty care and hygiene products stamped with the COSMEBIO logo include:
- at least 95% of natural ingredients among all the ingredients
(water included).

- at least 10% of organic ingredients among all the ingredients
(water included
- and at least 95% of organic ingredients among the vegetable ingredients.

Water is not certifiable. Seaweed and sea salt cannot be listed as organic products even if they are natural.

Rich in rare and varied vegetable extracts, the majority of MELVITA products largely exceed these minimums.

The ECOCERT logo guarantees that the formula complies with the standard and that the percentages indicated on the product have been validated by the certifying body of the same name.

ecocert and cosmebio logos