Say NO to nasty ingredients
Check your product label

Nasty ingredients have been linked to common skin problems like clogged pores and skin allergies to more serious health problems like hormonal disturbance and even risk of cancer.

Product ingredients label is like an ID card for skin care products.

Being a smart consumer, it is always good to check your skin care product label to see if it contains any nasty ingredients.

Nasties & INCI Risk
Mineral oils
(Paraffinum liquidum, paraffin)
Clog pores
Suspected to be carcinogenic
Clog pores
(Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
Skin irritation
Aluminum salt
(Aluminium chlorohydrate)
Suspected to be carcinogenic
Provoke allergies & risk of hormonal disturbance
Propylene Glycol
(Propylene Glycol)
Provoke skin allergies
Melvita's Substitute

Melvita's Substitute

Plants Oils – Argan oil, Rose Hip oil

Plant extracts – Wild rose txtract, Lily extract

Essential Oils – Lavendar, Tea tree, Lemon

Bee wax derivative

Sugar derivative 

Our Customers’ Favourites

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Rose Serum-lotion

100% rose scented serum-lotion with gel

Plumped skin with naturally-derived
micro-hyaluronic acid.

Female Beauty Awards 2017,  Hydrating Toner/ Lotion (Reader's Choice)

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Argan Oil

100% organic argan oil from cold-pressed.

Nourish and repair all skin types.

Glam Editor's Pick 2016, Badan

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Rose Floral Water

100% natural rose floral water from steam

Powerful instant hydration and boost
treatment absorption.

Female Beauty Awards 2017, Sensitive Skin Toner/Lotion (Judge+Reader's Choice)
SHAPE Favourites 2017, Best face spray (reader’s choice)

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What our Social Media Celebrities friends said

See My Favourite Choo Mei Sze | If your skin could talk, by Melvita

Choo Mei Sze

If my skin could talk, it would ask me for more fresh air and it would definitely want natural products. Also, it would ask for me to release toxins through my workouts. I didn’t want any toxins seeping into my skin through my skin care. So it’s time for all of you to Start Organic, Stop Nasties. 

My Favourite: L’OR Bio Extraordinary Body Milk & Shower

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See My Favourite Illiya Ridzuan | If your skin could talk, by Melvita

Illiya Ridzuan

If my skin could talk, it could say, “Illiya, please stop putting nasty ingredients on your face.” Because without a doubt, everyone wants beautiful & healthy skin. I never really pay attention on the ingredients that I put on my face until like 2 years ago. So the one brand that actually introduces me to Start Organic through my skin care products is actually Melvita.

My Favourite: Rose Floral Water

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See My Favourite PurpleTiff | If your skin could talk, by Melvita


If my skin could talk, I think my skin will hope to tell me to drink more water! This is because the water that I consume is less than 2 litres per day for my body basic daily consumption. Next, my skin will hope to tell me to have very minimal makeup. By using organic type of skincare and changing to a healthier lifestyle, my skin will thank me after all the effort that I’ve made.

My Favourite: Nectar Supreme The Cream, Rose Floral Water & Rose Plumping Serum-Lotion


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