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Stop Nasties Start Organic | Clean Beauty Routine For Healthier Skin
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What does it mean to be “Clean beauty" products?

Clean beauty products avoid the use of ingredients like parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates and synthetic fragrances while still delivering results by substituting with organic or natural ingredients derived from plants and flowers to create scents and textures that are effective for your skin without relying only on chemicals. 

ECO-certified organic products ensure a minimum of 95% of the ingredients are from natural origin.There is also no genetically modified organisms (GMO), parabens, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes, dyes, phenoxyethanol and animal-derived ingredients (except honey, pollen and organic beeswax) 

Using clean products mean reducing the exposure of nasty chemicals on our skin that may trigger unwanted side effects such as irritation and allergies. 

For example, parabens are used in beauty products to prolong shelf life and prevent bacteria growth but some studies have linked them to a potential increased risk of allergies and other reproductive problems, as the chemicals in them mimic oestrogens – a hormone produced by our body. You may check your label for methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, isopropyl-, butyl-, and isobutylparabens in the ingredients list, if the product is not labelled ‘paraben-free’.

Organic skin care products are based on nature. Nevertheless, it is using modern approach to be effective and legitimate to use. 

Certified organic beauty products also mean that it is not only clean and healthy but the quality of the product production is assured. With the extensive Research and Development, it ensures the benefits of the natural ingredients are formulated to achieve good skin result without nasty ingredients.

Nasties & INCI Risk Usage Clean Substitutes
Mineral oils
(Paraffinum liquidum, paraffin)
Clog pores As solvent in emulsion Plant oils
Suspected to be carcinogenic As preservatives Essential oils or plant-derived alcohol
Clog pores Enhance absorption, Smoothing effect Beewax derivaties, Guar Gum
(Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
Skin irritation Foaming agent, Emulsifier Lauryl Glucoside (derived from sugar)
Aluminum salt  
(Aluminium chlorohydrate)
Suspected to be carcinogenic    
(Formaldehyde, DMDM hydantoin)
Provoke allergies & Risk of hormonal disturbance As preservatives Essential oils or plant-derived alcohol
Propylene Glycol  
(Propylene Glycol)
Provoke skin allergies Used as humectant Sugar derivates (eg. Honey)

Our Customers’ Favourite Clean Beauty Routine

Tell me more An Extraordinary Toner | Organic Rose Serum-lotion 100ml

An Extraordinary Toner

Long hours skin hydration

• 100% plant-derived micro hyaluronic acid

• NO Animal-derived Ingredients

• Intense hydration

• Instant plumping effect

Organic Rose Serum-lotion 100ml

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Tell me more A Healthy Skin Treatment | Organic Argan Oil 50ml

A Healthy Skin Treatment

Repair skin to enhance treatment care results

• 100% Cold-pressed plant oil

• NO Mineral Oils

• Strengthen and treat skin to be healthier

• Instant nourishment

Organic Argan Oil 50ml

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Tell me more Boost beauty oil / treatment absorption | Organic Rose Floral Water 200ml

A Hydrating Skin Booster

Boost beauty oil / treatment absorption

• 100% Natural from steam distillation

• NO Synthetic Fragrance

• Boost beauty oil/serum result

• Instant hydration

Organic Rose Floral Water 200ml

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What Our Celebrity Friends Love About Clean Beauty Routine

See My Favourite Choo Mei Sze | If your skin could talk, by Melvita

Choo Mei Sze

Since having the Big C, I lead an even healthier lifestyle to working out 4x/week now. I’m also eating cleaner, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits throughout the day. What we tend to forget is what we put on our skin which sometimes can be very toxic to our body, such as Parabens and mineral oils. Now I go au naturel, I use a lot of natural products for my face, skin and hair! It’s time for all of us to Stop the nasties, Start Organic.

My Favourite: L’OR Bio Extraordinary Body Milk & Shower

See My Favourite
See My Favourite Illiya Ridzuan | If your skin could talk, by Melvita

Illiya Ridzuan

I stress alot on the importance of reading the ingredients list before you buy something. It is important to avoid the nasties like Triclosan & Formaldehyde because not only these ingredients give bad effects to your skin, it can also damage the environment. I want a clean beauty routine so I will stop nasties & start organic!

My Favourite: Rose Plumping Serum-Lotion

See My Favourite
See My Favourite Tong Bing Yu  | If your skin could talk, by Melvita

Tong Bing Yu

To me, having a clean beauty routine means using natural & organic products as much as I can. I feel that if I use products that contains chemicals, it will permanently harm my skin in a long run. So I want a clean beauty routine and I’ll continue to stop nasties, go organic!

My Favourite: Rose Floral Water

See My Favourite
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