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Super Berries
Super Firming

Firming . Anti-cellulite . Smoothing

with L'Or Rose Super-Activated Firming Oil

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*Efficacy test on 33 women, during 4 weeks.

Fast Acting Firming Solution | L'Or Rose Firming Oil, 100ml

Super Berries
Super Firming

Firming . Anti-cellulite . Smoothing

with L'Or Rose Super-Activated Firming Oil View Product

Firming Oil Test Result
Firming Oil Test Result

The New Firming Oil Value Set

Scrub away your cellulite and gain the firmer & smoother body.

New Launch

Ultimate Body Firming Combo


L'Or Rose Super-Activated Firming Oil, 100ml

L'Or Rose Refining Melting Scrub, 150ml

Organic Rose Floral Water, 28ml

  • worth RM323
Melting Scrub

Exfoliate For Smoother Skin

Exfoliation is the essential to smooth body skin and improve its radiant. You can always simply scrub away your impurities and cellulite in the bath while envelops the skin in a delicately scented veil .

Super-Activated Firming Oil

Reduce Cellulite with Firming Oil

Apply firming oil in tonic circular massages going up from the bottom of the thighs to the hips. The most courageous will adopt the essential technique of palpate-rolling , certainly more demanding but very effective.

The Easy Firming Massage Ritual

Arm Massage Ritual

  • Massage ritual
    Twist Arm
    Starting from elbow, twist the arm from inside out and push it upward. To finish, press down on your armpit position with your thumb.
  • Massage ritual
    Arm Lymphatic Massage
    Rise the hand up, gently hold fist to push from to elbow to armpit.

Slim waist Massage Ritual

  • Massage ritual
    Waist Slimming Massage
    Place hands on waist and massage in a clockwise circular motion.
  • Massage ritual
    Redefine Body Curve
    Gently hold fist to massage form back to front.

Beautiful Legs Massage Ritual

  • Massage ritual
    “S” Legs Massage
    Grasp with both hands and twist the flesh in opposite direction, as if to form the letter “S” on a twisting motion from ankle to tight.
  • Massage ritual
    Push Up Legs Massage
    Gently press legs on both side with fists and lift upward from ankle to knee.



NEW Cranberries

Improves skin firmness and smooth skin texture. It helps to protect skin from slackening and reinforces skin to keep it supple & tonic

Pink Berries

Iconic Pink Berries

Known for its powerful stimulator for fat storage breakdown. Efficacious with lipolitic action 8x stronger than caffeine, making it a perfect ingredient for sculpting the silhouette, reducing the body measures and cellulite. It also eases the water drainage from body.

Organic Black Pepper Oil

Organic Black Pepper Oil

Helps to stimulate microcirculation and to reduced body cellulite storage in the skin

The Complete Body Firming Range

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