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Why choose Melvita ?

As pioneers in organic beauty care in France for over 35 years, we are constantly developing new ways to replace synthetic ingredients with natural and organic alternatives. Using our expertise in creating organic formulas, we offer highly-effective organic products with patented original textures and enchanting fragrances!

Organic beauty, healthy beauty

As pioneers in organic beauty, for the past 35 years we've been helping you to make healthy beauty choices through safe skincare and personal care products that have a perfect affinity with all skin types. 

Certified organic by Ecocert, our products comply with the very strict criteria of the Cosmebio Charter. This means that at least 95% of the total ingredients in a product are natural and come from organic farming. Plus, because we put your health first, we always err on the side of caution and often go further than required by organic standards. 

Our vocation is to keep offering you an increasingly wide choice of certified-organic products that make no compromises on performance, pleasure of use and safety. Every day, we continue to develop our research so that we can keep replacing synthetic ingredients with natural and organic alternatives. 

Organic beauty, healthy beauty

Melvita: organic products made in France

Melvita was born in the Ardèche over 35 years ago, at the heart of a region where the countryside is wild and nature untouched. It's a region that's known for its exceptional flora and fauna, and the richness of its biodiversity. And it's also where you'll find our eco-factory!

We have always been based in France. We value the richness of local plants and crops, as well as the French know-how of our trusted producers and agricultural experts. We select natural ingredients that come from pesticide-free land and are grown by passionate, committed farmers. We also give priority to French supply chains whenever possible. Our active ingredients are obtained using environmentally friendly methods, then incorporated into formulas created by our laboratories in France.

Melvita: organic products made in France

An expert in organic formulation

Our formulas are developed from organic¬†Honeys, Floral Waters and Botanical Oils‚Äď our pure expressions of nature.

Raw materials of an exceptional quality: our organic Botanical Oils are obtained from first cold pressed or macerated seeds, flowers, kernels or roots ‚Äď all of which have been very carefully selected. Our Floral Waters are produced using a unique distillation process. These natural extraction processes guarantee the purity of the active ingredients. To go even further, Melvita chooses the most suitable geographical areas and establishes long-term partnerships, to optimize the quality of the plants. ¬†¬†

Expert formulations: our expert formulas offer proven effectiveness and textures that delight the senses, tailored to the specific needs of different skin types. Their 100% natural, refined scents make them a pleasure to apply. Every day, Melvita continues to innovate, working with 900 natural ingredients. To date, it has filed 10 patents in France.

An expert in organic formulation

Committed to the environment

We are committed to…the environment. 

Our eco-friendly factory has been awarded HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) certification. We both design ecologically and manage resources ecologically, giving priority to environmentally ethical materials. We're working to increase the proportion of recycled materials in our packaging, and any plants we use that are picked in the wild are covered by our Sustainable Picking Charter. 


It's important for us to develop our organic and sustainable supply chains¬†with respect for the men and women who grow our ingredients. That's why we're working with our producers in Morocco and taking an ethical, fair trade approach that complies with the¬†Fair for Life standard.* Our Fair Trade approved argan oil and orange blossom supply chains are able to guarantee the quality and traceability of our supplies ‚Äď and that the ingredients are produced ethically.

Committed to the environment

*Fair Trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard, available at

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